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Flutter mobile app and web app

Therapist Booking app developed and designed by Antity.
Massage-at-home is online therapist booking app in which people can book and call therapists at their place. SPA can also post the job for therapists and they can hire therapists easily in few steps. It has highly optimised user experience and well designed user interface.



Secure Data room for investors

SSA Infra connects investors with clean infrastructure assets across the sub-Saharan Africa markets through a single secure platform designed and developed by Antity Technologies.
SSA infra provide secure data room between investors and developers. Investors bid on the projects of developers and deposit funds on safe escrow services.



App for hiring octoboss (with admin panel)

The hardest part of getting things done is finding the right person to do it. This Problem is handled by Developing a mobile application “Octoboss”
.For customers, log in with your phone/email, find the service, chat with octoboss or if you don’t have time, just post your issue with your budget, the octobosses nearest to your location will chat with you.
For Octoboss, log in with your phone/email, subscribe to a plan of your choice, and start working, customers will reach out to you, or you can look for customers in need.


Cloud Oasis

Dashboard for cloud management

Cloud Oasis is cloud management system. Cloud Oasis provides services to the tenants and vendors where they can manage all their servers and cloud. They can see all the details of their servers and cloud from pricing to storage on a single platform. Currently Antity is designing the complete platform and it is under development.



E-Commerce Mobile App

Shopwin is online e-commerce store which is designed by Antity. It is under development. In this App, people can purchase the items. Upon the complete purchase of specific item, they will enter the campaign and they can be lucky winner of luxurious gifts.


Outright Seniors

An Insurance Broker Platform

Outright Seniors is a insurance broker platform designed and developed by Antity Technologies. It is dedicated only to senior citizens looking for insurance amenities within their areas it covers all types of insurances that are necessary for senior citizens.
Website is integrated with Jornaya which is a lead intelligence CRM to keep track of leads generated through platform.


Pioneers For Gas

Gas Engineering Services Booking Platform

Pioneers For Gas is an online booking plaform for Gas Engineeriing Services. This Plaform is designed and developed by Antity Technologies.
This platform has an integration with the bookly booking system.


Work Flow